Abortion is a very personal issue for families and women.  I personally would not ever want an abortion for myself or so.  I have suffered the loss of children in miscarriage in relationships before.  As a Libertarian, I believe women should have the right to decide if they want to carry a child or not and to have an abortion if they have to.  Men are responsible to a child that is born but sometimes don't want to take responsibility, so abortions in the first six months should be allowed. 

However I do not believe in partial birth abortions or post-birth means which are infanticide.  Once a baby is born everything should be done to save the child.   Also Planned Parenthood has shown many times that they waste money as a for-profit company and do not deserve to get any state funds.  If abortions are included in medical insurance that is fine, but planned parenthood should lose all state-funding immediately.

Sex education should also explain abstinence and adoption as options other than abortion. 

Compromise and even working together for new solutions is needed in this and many issues going on these days.  I would always work directly with other parties, and keep a peaceful dialogue going to goal oriented solutions.