Eliminate Personal Income Tax

The personal income tax and social security will bankrupt the next generation if we don't make our budgets, collections, and spending reasonable now.  Anything the government spends, the American People will have to pay for, whether it's more war, war on drugs, a health system beheld by big pharma and insurance industries.

The personal income tax should be eliminated to 0% without a constitutional amendment, but by choice.  Also spending should be drastically cut for the government and social security should be eliminated and paid back to the people's investments so far with saving accounts if they are not already retired.  This is not a "Redistribution" OR a "Universal Basic Income", but a reimbursement immediately for people's hard work, and an end to the failed wasteful spending of Congress.

We should not trust the government to decide on any spending without thorough review by the people.  The Congress is opaque, hidden, confusing, and unreported on purpose, so $17 trillion could disappear from the Department of Defense, Billions can be spent on failed projects like the bullet train in California or the Scana Nuclear Plant in my homestate of South Carolina and never reimbursed to the people.

Therefore, the government needs to lose some of its spending power.  Income tax should be gone, the IRS should not be able to collect our data.  "Social Security" should be closed and paid out now, as no one believes the government will have that money in 20 years. 

I would enact these changes with congress, eliminate the income tax, and enact optional personal savings accounts controlled by the individual for Social Security.  Medicare should also be replaced with a health savings account that can be used at a doctor of anyone's choosing.