Healthcare is becoming a large and important part of the future of the United States.  With Baby Boomers retiring there will be a need to strengthen the American Healthcare System.  The Dunham 2020 campaign proposes to do this without creating any government controlled mandates for healthcare.   The entire health industry combined with government spending on health is currently $4.5 Trillion.  If this was absorbed by Government then Welfare would grow to 70% of government spending at $6 Trillion.  We cannot create a socialist program that is insolvent at the start because we could crash the economy with our National Debt at $23 Trillion and growing.

Making all healthcare owned by the government is illogical in that the government would be nominally seizing all hospitals to be owned by the government.  Although that step is not explained, if all hospitals may only work through the government and they incur debt or fail to make a profit, who collects their debt and will own them?  The financial sector will have to throw up its hands and let the government own all the hospitals and set Doctors and Nurses pay eventually.  It is deceitful to propose a government mandated payment system and not even budget the added costs, all while our government is running on huge deficits every year now.  Those yearly deficits are adding up to $6.2 Trillion just in the first four years of Trump.

We need solutions that will increase the strength of the healthcare industry, and help the actual giving services of a doctor or nurse to be competitive.  Our solution to this also touches the Dunham 2020 education plan.  We propose a Heal for America program that forgives all Federal School Debt for Doctors and Nurses after they have worked in healthcare for 5 years.  We also propose expanding Visas for Immigrant Nurses, Doctors, and Doctors training in Residency Programs.

The only healthcare comes from medical professionals, and reducing their debt and making it easier for anyone to go into that profession is a REAL solution to the growing Healthcare Industry.  Neither insurance companies or government bureaucrats provide healthcare.  Medical care should be in the hands of citizens choice and direct access to doctors in a free market.  We also propose privatizing Medicare and adding an option for all Medicare funds to be placed in a Medical Savings account completely under control by the citizen.  Doing so citizens could opt of of Medicare at any time and control their own money and healthcare.