Keenan Wallace Dunham for President 2020, Libertarian Party, AMA on the Dunham 2020 Campaign

South Carolina Libertarian Party State Convention

South Carolina Libertarian Party State Convention


Campaign Speech

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Interview on WRNN Hot Talk Radio

Awesome interview on WRNN Hot Talk Radio.  Great questions and substantive topics covered.  Thanks to WRNN for the interview. 



Interview on Ed's World, Keenan Wallace Dunham for President 2020

Great interview on Ed's World, affiliate of Freedomscoop.  Keenan Wallace Dunham for President 2020, Libertarian Party.


Interview on The Generational Gap Podcast

Another great interview on The Generational Gap podcast, affiliate of Freedomscoop.




Keenan Wallace Dunham on Freedomscoop, Call Me Ignorant Podcast

Had a great interview on Freedomscoop podcast, Call Me Ignorant.  Check it out.


Interview with We Are Libertarians Podcast

Interview with We Are Libertarians Podcast

Great interview with Hodey Johns on the WAL Podcast.  Please share our campaign with anyone and everyone.


Keenan Wallace Dunham Candidacy Press Release


Mr. Dunham is Vice-Chair of the Horry County Libertarian Party and has aided numerous local candidates running for office since 2016. He is highly active in politics and community service. His campaign for US President consists of four domestic plans to expand the US economy.

Those are to Legalize Cannabis and Hemp nationwide, Legalize Gambling nationwide, Legalize and Regulate Bitcoin and Blockchain ledger technology, and Eliminate the Personal Income Tax for a flat 9% National Sales Tax.

His campaign also highly focuses on justice and rollback of the police state, the “Deepstate” and foreign intervention. Trade should be the focus of foreign dialogue and the sharing of knowledge. There should not be a restrictive national ID system limiting travel. The NSA, FBI, and HLS should not be allowed to gather citizen’s information without a crime specific warrant, and the 5th amendment followed regarding seizing or gathering personal information. Personal information is private property. Foreign aid and military bases should be rolled-back to stop foreign countries’ dependence on our resources.

Learn more about Keenan Wallace Dunham on his website:

Contact Information: Keenan Wallace Dunham for United States President 2020 (202) 503-9301