Legal Immigration

Illegal immigration has a toll on the law enforcement and economy of the United States.  Welfare provided to illegals without any regulation has created an endless carrot-on-a-stick to entice more immigrants to enter illegally and use the system to become dependent on tax-dollars.  There needs to be full documentation of anyone entering the United States via photo ID and border security.  While Trump's wall generated a lot of attention to the immigration crisis, it does not address issues of the Welfare State, and over-stays of work visas.  All work visas should be federally issued and uniform with a Photo ID.  The E-Verify program should be enforced and improved.  Welfare should only be allowed for immigrants paying into the system via taxes. 


Responsible immigration has to be encouraged and irresponsible illegal immigration has to be discouraged otherwise we will crash our economy providing endless welfare and leave our country vulnerable to criminals.


As far as our relationship with Mexico, we should be partners in fighting cartels with them, and have an individual trade deal with Mexico as they are one of our closest neighbors.  

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  • Keenan Dunham
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