Legalization of Cannabis/Hemp/THC/CBD

Cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol and has hundreds of medical uses which have been clearly shown to save and improve lives. Cancer, Aids, Autistic, Epilepsy, Fibro Myalgia, Depression and Anorexia patients can all benefit from Cannabis THC and CBD, and doctors have the right to prescribe it.  Hemp can be used in manufacturing of concrete, clothes, food, paper, and bio-fuel.


For a free market with all scientific technology available without the government picking winners and losers we should 100% legalize Cannabis and Hemp in all 50 states.  Cannabis has untapped potential in medical research and eventually doctors may do Zero atmosphere research in space to find the cure for cancer and understand the healing properties it has for many other conditions.


Keenan Wallace Dunham is a scientist who actually understands technology and the need for open and free markets for the future of the United States.