Legalization of Gambling

Gambling is an activity the government already has a hand in profiting from.  The Billion Dollar State Lottery businesses are already profitable and used to offset education costs.  Gambling should be legal across the United States 100%, internet, sports gambling, and casinos.  Regulation should be made so players can't gamble on their sports.  This should only be allowed at the Professional Sports level first, and perhaps once regulations are adopted a test market for on site gambling should be attempted with the current gambling industry involved.  When you bring an industry out of the dark that doesn't in of itself harm anyone, the illicit and underground factors can fall away like the legalized cannabis industry.  This is still a process that takes time.  I campaign to Legalize Gambling, but not to mandate it everywhere as states and municipalities can still ban casinos.  However I think we are ready for online poker gambling and sports betting nationwide which are allowed by the constitution already.