Restore Civil Liberties

Restore Civil Liberties and End Political Targeting

The Basis of Law in the United States of America is ONLY THE CONSTITUTION.  Although Laws and Arms of the government have been enacted such as the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Department none of these may act against the specific tenets of the Constitution.

The constant erosion of justice in the United States and Politicization of Law Enforcement stems from unclear mandates of large organizations like Homeland Security and FBI which since the Patriot Act have been allowed to pursue both foreign and domestic crime fighting and actually compete against each other at times.  The United States is neither a police state or police of the world.   Both the Homeland Security and FBI have exceeded their mandates over the rights of Americans at times in their histories.  

We should repeal the Patriot Act and disband the Homeland Security department, and align all government branch actions back in line with the Constitution.  The Constitution is a living document which does not create rights for citizens as those are inalienable, but it codifies and establishes protections for those natural rights of all Americans.  It would be a completely legal action for the next president to re-align the branches of the government back into lawful representation of the Constitution.

Mr. Dunham's campaign also highly focuses on justice and rollback of the police state, the “Deepstate” and foreign intervention. Trade should be the focus of foreign dialogue and the sharing of knowledge. There should not be a restrictive national ID system limiting travel. The NSA, FBI, and HLS should not be allowed to gather citizen’s information without a crime specific warrant, and the 5th amendment followed regarding seizing or gathering personal information. Personal information is private property. Foreign aid and military bases should be rolled-back to stop foreign countries’ dependence on our resources.